The Dyspnea Society is an international multidisciplinary community that promotes collegial exchange amongst scientific and clinical professionals. Our aim is to advance the scientific underastanding of dyspnea and its translation to clinical practice. More about us.


Dyspnea is the clinical term for the feeling of uncomfortable breathing, such as of 'breathlessness' or 'shortness of breath'. It is a common symptom and can severely impact patients' lives. The Dyspnea Society seeks to gain a better understanding of how dyspnea arises and how it can be managed.


Members of the Dyspnea Society include scientists and clinicians from around the world who are dedicated to improving our understanding and management of patients' breathing discomfort. If you are interested in becoming a member, find out more.

Better Dyspnea Management through Research

Meet the new Executive Committee

The Dyspnea Society is thrilled to announce the election of Dr. Andrew Binks as President, Dr. Janelle York as Secretary and Dr. Marie Williams as Treasurer. Their respective locations in United States, United Kingdom and Australia and their different backgrounds help represent the international and diverse membership of the society. They are charged with developing a strategic plan to formalize the society and incorporate it as a non-profit organization. 

Andrew Binks (Ph.D). is an Associate Professor at Virginia Tech. He was a lead organizer of the first three Dyspnea Conferences that led to fomation of the society and that continue today. Andrew is a pulmonary physiologist and studies the neural mechanisms of dyspnea.

Better Research through Collaboration

Marie Williams (Ph.D). is a Professor at the University of South Australia. Marie is a physiotherapist with specific interests in evidence-based assessment, management and education for people living with breathlessness, their significant others and health care practitioners.

Janelle Yorke (PhD, RGN) is a Professor at University of Manchester and Executive Chief Nursing Officer at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust UK. She has expertise in the development and clinical utility of Patient Reported Outcome Measures, including the Dyspnoea-12. She also conducts research on non-pharmacological complex interventions for the management of breathlessness.