The Dyspnea Society is an international multidisciplinary community that promotes collegial exchange amongst scientific and clinical professionals. Our aim is to advance the scientific understanding of dyspnea and it's translation to clinical practice. More about us.


Dyspnea is the clinical term for the feeling of uncomfortable breathing, such as of 'breathlessness' or 'shortness of breath'. It is a common symptom and can severely impact patients' lives. The Dyspnea Society seeks to gain a better understanding of how dyspnea arises and how it can be managed.


Members of the Dyspnea Society include scientists and clinicians from around the world who are dedicated to improving our understanding and management of patients' breathing discomfort. If you are interested in becoming a member, find out more.

Better Dyspnea Management through Research

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Better Research through Collaboration

Understanding Mechanisms, Measurement and Management

We are delighted to announce that fundraising has started for the Booth Breathlessness Research Prize hosted by the Dyspnea Society. This prize will honour Sara Booth’s immense legacy by rewarding and encouraging highest quality applied research in the field of chronic breathlessness to improve the care of people suffering from this disabling and distressing symptom. 

Dr Sara Booth was a pioneering UK doctor who became known internationally for her ground-breaking work on the management of chronic breathlessness. She set up the Cambridge Breathlessness Intervention Service in 2003, to address the relative neglect of this debilitating symptom. This was the first service for people with intractable breathlessness caused by any underlying condition. Underpinned by rigorous research, it has since been emulated in many countries. Patients and their carers receive symptom-direct support with predominantly non-pharmacological self-management techniques, in parallel with optimal medical management of the underlying long-term condition(s) causing the breathlessness.

In 2022, Sara sadly died at the age of 63. Her colleagues, friends and family have set up the Booth Breathlessness Research Prize in Sara’s memory. As a tribute to Sara’s visionary and inspiring work, this prize aims to recognise the next generation of researchers endeavouring to improve the quality of life of the many people suffering from this distressing and debilitating symptom. 

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Because when you can't breathe, nothing else matters

See you in Lund, Sweden for Dyspnea 2026. Cheers!


Great science, good conversation and a well organized meeting.Thanks to Dr. Dennis Jensen and his crew at McGill University for hosting us all.